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​Brian S: "I like beer pong. But I like Buzz Shot better."

​ Corrine S: "Cool game! Perfect for a house party."

Lauren V: "I loved pong before playing this game, and would play all the time with my friends, but after trying this game I don't think I will ever play the old version again. This game is so much fun to play. I cannot believe the ideas of different shots they came up with, and it's so funny to watch people play."

Jen L: "This was the best idea ever. I had no idea pong could be so much fun. Throwing a ball in a cup over and over again gets kind of boring after a few games, but with buzz-shot you don't have to worry about that. Because of the cards and the unique shots, you could play back to back to back games and not get bored. I love this game!"

Glenn P: "I have no idea how he came up with this game, but it's SUCH a good idea. It is so much fun and completely redefines pong. I absolutely love it!"

Joey D: "I loved buzz-shot. Pong is my favorite game. My friends tend to get pretty intense when we play in general, but with buzz-shot the competition was crazy. It was so much fun."

Anna W: "I really enjoyed playing this game. It provided a new and interesting twist to an old favorite, eliminating some of the boring parts of pong. I loved the intensity that the challenges provided, and felt it made pong way more fun."

Caitlyn R: "I loved the game because it put a new twist on the old beer pong. My friends and I usually play beer pong and it can get boring. When we played the game it was more fun and exciting, I would definitely suggest it for more people."

Michael M: "I came to the Hofstra Music Fest and felt that this was one of my favorite tables. I loved playing the game because it felt different then regular old beer pong. My favorite is the blind fold shot."

Ruthie S: "I'm not very good at pong, so playing was never really fun for me, but with buzz-shot I don't have to worry about my skills. The cards are a great idea for adding fun to the game. Regardless of your skill level, they challenge everyone. I mean have you ever tried to shoot blindfolded?"

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​If you like playing Beer Pong you're going to love BUZZ-SHOT! We've taken the greatest beer drinking game ever and raised it to the next level. We've developed a card game with simple instructions on how each player's "Shot" will be performed. In addition to the host's "House Rules", a player will simply need to flip over a card before they shoot and perform the shot instructions on the card. We know you will enjoy BUZZ-SHOT as much as we do. Have fun and drink responsibly!


  • Add some spice and variety to the already great game of Beer Pong or Beirut
  • Help eliminate the same people consistently winning by adding additional variables to the game, such as shooting with the opposite hand, making a bounce shot instead of an arc shot, having to choose a guest to take your shot, take a shot while sitting down, losing a turn, etc.
  • Help introduce those who may not be inclined to play the game as is (Guys....especially the female crowd)
  • Be an excellent "ice breaker" at a party. Have a hard time starting up a conversation with those you don't know? Bring BUZZ-SHOT along to a party and you won't have that problem!

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The Official Beer Pong Card Game