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Welcome To BUZZ-SHOT

If you like playing Beer Pong you're going to love BUZZ-SHOT! We've taken the greatest beer drinking game ever and raised it to the next level. We've developed a card game with simple instructions on how each player's "Shot" will be performed. In addition to the host's "House Rules", a player will simply need to flip over a card before they shoot and perform the shot instructions on the card. We know you will enjoy BUZZ-SHOT as much as we do. Have fun and drink responsibly!


  • Add some spice and variety to the already great game of Beer Pong or Beirut
  • Help eliminate the same people consistently winning by adding additional variables to the game, such as shooting with the opposite hand, making a bounce shot instead of an arc shot, having to choose a guest to take your shot, take a shot while sitting down, losing a turn, etc.
  • Help introduce those who may not be inclined to play the game as is (Guys....especially the female crowd)
  • Be an excellent "ice breaker" at a party. Have a hard time starting up a conversation with those you don't know? Bring BUZZ-SHOT along to a party and you won't have that problem!




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