How Do Hybrid Clubs Up Your Game?

Hybrid clubs are more popular and more in demand these days. To be able to keep up, knowing at least the basics is a necessity.

Since the composition of the golf ball has changed over the last 10 years, its spin rate had changed too so keeping the ball airborne is a bit harder to achieve now. Long irons are harder to hit while fairway wood requires too much room to swing.

Benefits of Using the Hybrid

There are three things that keep the ball airborne, namely: (1)speed, (2)spin rate and (3)launch angle. The hybrid clubs are little longer so it increases the ball’s speed and the launch angle. A lot of players use the 3-hybrid club to replace either 2-irons or their 3-irons. Also, because of the wood-like clubface that hybrids have, they are often used for long shots from difficult rough. Since shots that need punching out to low hanging branches, are difficult to maneuver with wood, hybrids are perfect for the job.

Hybrid clubsThe average golfer, with the use of the hybrid, can give the ball a higher trajectory without changing his swing. Some players hit the hybrid clubs as they would irons. This is mainly because they hit down on the ball. However, if the player usually sweeps the ball, they should hit it up more. The hybrid club is designed like a 3-wood or a 5-wood with shorter length, helping players keep the clubface square upon impact, especially on shots that need lengthy approach.

When using a long iron during the first cut of rough, the longer grass tends to grab the clubface and the hosel resulting to the ball being elevated and kept within target line. However, when a hybrid is used, it will bore through easily resulting to better and consistent impact.

The average shaft length of a 3-iron is about 38.5 inches while the hybrid counterpart has a longer shaft at 41 inches, improving the center of gravity.

Choosing Hybrids

When choosing hybrid club shafts, players must find something heavier than the fairway wood they use but lighter than the iron the player is used to. It is recommended to just have the at least 1-hybrid, 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid clubs in the bag but for players with preference to 5-wood, the 1-hybrid is a better choice.

Starters must find one that with a lower center of gravity and a larger head. Note that manufacturers have different standard lengths for all clubs so knowing what fits the player is utmost necessity. The shaft of a hybrid is the same as an iron shaft. However, their thickness differs. The hosel of an iron is 1/16 of an inch wider than that of a 5-wood. This characteristic keeps the head of irons and hybrids from twisting therefore a bit more accurate.

When the player’s swing is a bit slow, replacing their 6-iron with a 3-hybrid up to a 5-hybrid. These gives five to eight yards farther than the iron counterparts even though the hybrids will not roll as far because of the increased trajectory.

In addition, beware of some manufacturers marketing irons as hybrid clubs to cut production costs. They just add one or more features to make it look more like a hybrid. The said clubs have faces that looks very similar to an iron but instead of the usual cavity-back or muscle-back design, they have a slightly bulging back to appear more like a wood. Some players actually choose these products because they swing like irons despite having added weight. How is this achieved? It’s quite simple. The weight increases the force of the swing while slowing it down.

Events that Benefit Most from the Services of Motivational Speakers

A motivational speaker is a professional speaker who delivers messages with the goal of moving or inspiring an audience.Motivational speakers typically possess a level of expertise or experience on the theme or subject of an event and encourage people to look at themselves in a different light, recognize their natural abilities and talents, and see things from a new perspective.

Motivational speakerMotivational speakers, also called inspirational speakers, work in many different areas of expertise and venues. You may see them in executive boardrooms, conference halls, schools, and large community centers. They have their own specialities but most inspirational speakers share the ability to use the power of words and their persuasive and powerful personality to effect change. Here are events that benefit most from the services of motivational speakers:

Business Events

Inspirational speakers are commonly called upon by businesses to provide guidance, support, and inspiration to employees and teams at any level. Speakers who give business inspirational speeches typically have something to tell their audience from personal experiences or proficiency on a subject. They share their own stories and the means they employed to achieve success. They provide leadership, guidance, and encouragement to all employees for them to work as one towards a common objective. They extol the value of hard work and perseverance in realizing one’s dreams.

Leadership Training

Many inspirational speakers are great at providing valuable encouragement and sharing leadership techniques and secrets to budding leaders, senior manager, and junior managers. They can help them accept and adjust to the challenges of leadership, including conflict and resistance management. In some instances, a change or flexibility in leadership approach might just be the solution in effectively implementing company-wide programs. An inspirational speaker can provide the guidance needed to accept changes in long-held values and principles that are getting in the way of strategic management.

Team Building Events

Businesses, schools, and other groups organize team building activities to unite employees and members, strengthen teamwork, and build better relationships among members. An inspirational speaker can do a good job of emphasizing the need for members to work together in harmony to achieve organizational objectives.

Personal Development

There are motivational speakers who specialize in inspiring and guiding the audience and helping them find purpose in their lives. They give speeches on such topics as personal work-life balance, spiritual development, recovering from trials and challenges such as divorce or death, and self-improvement. More often, they share personal stories of frustrations, adversity, defeat, recovery, and triumph to raise the hopes and morale of their listeners. They inspire people to look at their situations in a new perspective and take the appropriate action.

Community Events

Motivational speakers may also be invited to give speeches in community events where there are important issues that must be tackled such as cleanliness or security. They can help direct members to perform a desired action such as keeping their own turf clean by avoiding littering. A motivational speaker can help educate people, raise awareness on social issues, and share the experiences of other communities facing the same problems.

Youth Training

Some speakers are hired to address young people to guide them in choosing a good path in life, in their role as the future for their family and country, and in choosing a career. They can guide the youth by highlighting the value of studying and working hard, having a clear life plan, and developing healthy interactions with their peers and other people. They can help them avoid pitfalls and mistakes that have hindered other people from attaining their life goals.

Whenever there is a need to influence people to achieve, contribute, and be the best version of themselves, there will always be a motivational speaker perfect for the job.

Most motivational speakers also use humor, but not to the extent that a humorist would.

Military Coins: A Look Beyond Servicemen’s Achievements

The use of military coins has always been to promote and show a team’s bond. Carrying these challenge coins around essentially means that troop members have each other’s backs whenever they face challenges in their missions.

Some people see these coins as a sign of servicemen’s achievements after returning successfully from their missions. However, these coins have different sides that should be taken into mind whenever you look at them.

Remembering the Hard-Fought Battles

When you’re looking at military coins, don’t only focus on the achievements symbolized by such pieces of metal. Achievements won’t be possible without commitment. Soldiers need to endure being away from their families for a long time.

For troop members with families, surviving nights of surprise attacks and staying disciplined to do their jobs properly while on the frontlines is difficult. For people who have not seen these events, a challenge coin is a good reminder of all the hardships, serving as proof that servicemen are truly worth of respect.

Remembering Fallen Troopmates

Some people may not understand that challenge coins are also used to commemorate fallen members.

Since military coins are signs of brotherhood within a unit, they are also good items to keep in memory of their troopmates. Servicemen will stay for years on the field for their mission without their families. They will then develop a bond with each other, being the people they see, talk, and dine with daily.

military coinsFor servicemen, losing a troopmate is equivalent to losing a family member. Seeing people who have the same coin together is a good way of celebrating a fallen troopmate’s contribution to the entire mission. This so important that some units order special custom coins that commemorate their team members. These coins are exclusively distributed within the unit.

Bringing Esprit de Corps to Corporate Offices

The use of military coins is to strengthen the bond within a unit, which seems effective as troop members treat each member very well. Some companies would like to forge the same bond within their offices by introducing challenge coins.

A department may have its own challenge coins designed according to the company’s branding. This gives department members a feeling of belongingness since they share the same coin. For many years, department employees seem to fail in developing good relationships with each other.

They may get together regularly, but it doesn’t mean they’re close enough to be united in completing certain projects. With challenge coins, a department will feel be more united while engaging its members to stay committed to their work. This is on top of having a good memorabilia once they retire from the company.

A Sign of Hope

Some authorities get challenge coins and give them to other people as a way of encouraging people. A good example is the president giving out coins to troopmen and their families, especially in times when a troopmate died in action. Receiving these coins not only highlights the troopmen’s efforts, but also gives them hope in continuing their mission, which is important for everyone on the frontline.

Aside from authorities, some celebrities like NASCAR stars use these coins to give hope to their fans who are facing their own battles. Jeff Gordon, a NASCAR celebrity, has his own challenge coins that he gives to sick children whenever he comes for a visit.

Overall, military coins are used for celebrating troops’ wins on their battles. However, they also have different sides that make them more valuable. A challenge coin is not a mere collectible item, but a sign of hope and a memorabilia that celebrates those who bravely fought in their mission.

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Badge Holders: 5 Reasons Why They’re Important

Badge holdersHave you ever wondered why you need to use a badge holder? Whether when you were at school, or now that you are working, you noticed that IDs are usually housed inside badge holders. You might even ask yourself if it is necessary. But of course! A badge holder is a must for numbers of reasons.

Means of identification

While identification cards are actually your means of identification in an organization or in a company, badge holders can also come in handy. If you belong to a large company with many divisions, it is helpful if eachdepartment or team is assigned with a uniquecolor of badge holder.You can also have your holders customized according to your department’s function. With this, you can easily distinguish the department or team which a certain employee belongs to. You will immediately know if that person is from accounting, IT, or HR. Also, you will know who to approach in critical situations.

Information Protection

Is your ID made of plastic or PVC? Or is your company is well-off enough to provide you proximity or RFID cards? If your company employs contactless technology for your IDs, then it is a must that the employees should use badge holders. Because of the electronic components embedded inside them, such IDs are more sensitive tothe elements. Also, for government agencies, information found on the embedded magnetic strips are sensitive and are prone to theft. In order to avoid this, government agencies use shielded holders. With this kind of badge holder, information inside the cards can’t be read by unauthorized personnel or scanners.

Enhance the durability of IDs and badges

Identification cards and badges are important. That’s why you need to take good care of them in order for them to last long and not incur additional expenses for its reproduction. Whatever kind of material or technology your company uses for your IDs and badges, you still need to make sure they are able withstand the daily wear and tear until a new one is issued. One way of the best ways inmaintaining your badges and IDs is by using badge holders. There are different kinds of badge holder available in the market. If you want optimum protection, you can go for a rigid or hard plastic badge holder. This will protect your IDs from bending and scratches. You can also go for a vinyl badge holder which is perfect for long term use. Some are resealable, allowing you to protect your IDs from dust and moisture.

Convenient to Use

Even though majority of the variations and designs of these holders still require the use of lanyards, there are lots of available choices that don’t. There are companies and agencies that prefer not to use lanyards because they usually get in the way of their employees while working. You may have not noticed but companies that require their employees to move a lot use either retractable or arm-type holders. Trucking companies on the other hand usually use holders with built-in pins and clips. This allows their employees to easily remove and clip back in their cards and badges on their back pockets or belts.

Promotes Company Image

You might be wondering how something so simple like a badge holder could affect the image of your company. If you think about it, IDs and badge holders are practically part of your office attire. If you are in the retail industry, you would want to go out in the floor with your ID looking presentable, neat and if possible, fashionable. It also reflects your company’ advocacies and campaigns. A good example of this is by using eco-friendly holders which creates an impression that your company is a supporter of “go green” campaigns.

Dealing with Collectors of Custom Baseball Pins


There are a lot of reasons for a person to pick up a hobby. It doesn’t matter what kind of hobby it is as long as you are enjoying it. Some would just start a collection and take it from there and one of the items that is sought after are custom baseball pins.

You can expect buying, selling and trading your pins with other collectors one you get started. You might also meet other collectors. Some, with the addition of collecting baseball-themed pins, would follow another theme, like getting trading pins from amusement parks like Disneyland. Some would also collect trading pins coming from other sports like basketball. These pins will show the name of the team and the year when the pin was produced.

pinsAside from buying the pins, you can also trade pins with fellow collectors. This is an easy way to get the pins that you want. Before starting a trade, both collectors must agree to certain conditions first, depending on what one collector may ask from another and vice versa. With new technology and Internet, emails are used to be able to talk to other collectors that might be far away. Sporting events like a baseball game can have pin collector attendees and you can do a trade during that event.

Special pins are also present with collecting trading pins. These are the types that are only made for special occasions that will not happen again. Other special pins include those that are made by major sponsors for a sporting event, like Coca-Cola. These pins are only produced during the event and production of these pins is discontinued once the event is over.

Baseball PinsThese custom baseball pins are made with copper as the main material. The bases to be used are moulded and then cut and are electro-plated afterwards. Depending on what the pin should show, they can be as small as 1.5 inches in size or as big as 2.5 inches. Military clasps are sometimes used to hold these pins in place.

There are no age limits in collecting custom baseball pins. Little kids that might still need their parents’ assistance and need to accompany them during games or trading events can be collectors already. Old people may still be at it in supporting their favourite teams and at the same time, collect trading pins. They may already have a large collection and some vintage pins may be found with them. Some collectors would be serious in completing their collection that they may event pay a lot of money for a single pin.

PinsAs with any hobby, collecting custom baseball pins may be difficult in the beginning but once you are able to see how it works, it becomes a fun thing to do. Other collectors would be willing to provide help to those that are just starting and would even give tips on where to get special pins and such.

If you are to meet another collector for a trade, there are a few things that must be remembered:

  • You will need to keep your pins in pristine order and make them presentable. No one will look at a pin that is dilapidated.
  • During events, you can easily notice a fellow collector since he would usually wear his pins on his clothes. Politely call their attention if you want to trade with them.
  • Make sure that you don’t touch their pins when you are looking at them; ask the person to bring the pin closer so you can look at it.
  • Present your own pin that you want to give out in exchange to see if the other person will be interested or not.
  • Once a trade is done, a handshake and saying, “Thank you,” will close the deal.